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Feast day of Saint Valentine. Celebration of love and affection. Who does not want to be loved and feel the affection from loved ones? All do! Some people say they do not celebrate Valentines day, because they don’t need just one day to show love and affection. Yes, that’s right, but we can show love and affection daily, and on some days we do it extra. Why not!? It’s like having a date night when you already live together or going on a romantic trip. My husband and I, we always find it very romantic. You just get a little extra love sprinkles and butterflies in the air. Are you with me? Let’s do it!!

Since we are all in this pandemic together, let’s plan a beautiful and full of romance day around the house. I will cover my favorite items to serve the romantic food and will talk about aphrodisiacs. I won’t get too deep into each item describing all the benefits, Today we are talking only sexy and romantic stuff.

Good morning Sunshine! It’s Valentines Day! ❤

Let’s start from coffee or tea and then let’s just go down to each aphrodisiac.


The world’s most socially drinkable drink coffee is a stimulant has an effect on libido, increasing blood flow and raising the heart rate. Studies also show that coffee can increase levels of dopamine, the neurotransmitter associated with pleasure receptors in the body. The experience of drinking coffee is relaxing and sensual, adding to its aphrodisiac qualities.

I love to use some beautiful tray to serve it on.


Maca is the champion of all the aphrodisiacs in the world. It’s Peruvian herb which has a great reputation when it comes to ability to boost libido. It has been used for centuries to enhance fertility and sex drive, and there’s researches to back it up. Get maca here.

Add maca powder to your favorite smoothie


Like all eggs, caviar is associated with new life. In fact, eggs were considered the ultimate symbol of fertility for many ancient nations.

Because caviar is an egg, it is both rich in nutritional value and a symbol of fertility – the psychological aspect of an aphrodisiac food. Caviar contains vitamins B5 and B6, known to balance hormone levels to promote a healthy sex drive.


Chili peppers contain the chemical capsaicin, which generates the heat they give off–the hotter the pepper, the more capsaicin it contains. Capsaicin is known to boost testosterone levels and increase libido. The hottest pepper in the world now is Carolina Reaper. But, let’s stick with some more mild like Sweet Zivile chili oil for Valentines, do not get to to sweaty too quick. Haha


Asparagus has phallic appearance so no doubt has something to do with its legendary aphrodisiac status, but the good things are inside, too. Asparagus is rich in vitamin B6 and folate, both of which can boost arousal and orgasm. And it also boasts vitamin E, which stimulates sex hormones in both men and women.


Catherine de Medici, born in 1519 defied the popular convention that told women not to eat this vegetable because of it’s aphrodisiac qualities. She was known for her insatiable appetite for both food and romance, brought artichokes to France when she married Henry II.


Oysters are extremely rich in zinc, which is essential for testosterone production. And even though women have much less testosterone than men, it also plays a key part in the female libido. Oysters also boost dopamine, a hormone that increases libido in both men and women.
Giacomo Casanova, the 18th-century Venetian, reportedly ate dozens of oysters at a time to stir arousal before his legendary trysts. Urban legend has it that Casanova once seduced a virgin by offering her to drink oyster juice and sliding an oyster from his lips to hers. Here is a link to the sexy story about Casanova and the aphrodisiac oysters.


By Harpers Bazaar magazine figs are rich in amino acids, and are also said to be an aphrodisiac because of the sexual appearance and flavor. “A fig’s scent and texture is very aromatic and sensual,” Isadora says. “They are a luscious fruit to eat yourself or feed to your lover. It even looks sexual eating them.” In other words, order them on a hot date, but do avoid the fig plate at your office holiday party.


In ancient times several civilizations considered and used it as a natural aphrodisiac. In fact, drinking a glass of fresh pomegranate juice has proven to not only increase sexual desire but mood and memory. Have you ever thought that glass of pomegranate juice can improve your sexual drive? Now you know! A few studies has proved that people who drank pomegranate juice reported an improvement in their overall health along with an increase in libido.

Pomegranate mimosa


Because of its heart shape and red color, Romans were considered the strawberry a symbol of Venus, the goddess of love. Beyond its cute shape, the berry is packed with Vitamin C, which helps keep blood flowing to all regions of the body.
The legend says that strawberries were originated from the heart-shaped tears of the Goddess of Love herself, Aphrodite after she learned of her lover Adonis’s death.


Those beautiful leaves have been used as an aphrodisiac since the first century. Research has shown us that the trace minerals and antioxidants in dark, leafy greens are essential for our sexual health. They help block environmental contaminants which are thought to be negative to our libido.


Nowadays, scientists ascribe the aphrodisiac qualities of chocolate, if any, to two chemicals it contains. One, tryptophan, is a building block of serotonin, a brain chemical involved in sexual arousal. The other, phenylethylamine, a stimulant related to amphetamine, is released in the brain when people fall in love. That’s why when we wat chocolate we feel happy like we are in love.


Truffles are well documented as one of the world’s finest aphrodisiacs. The scent of truffles is extremely similar to a human male pheromone. This is the reason modern science believes truffles are so successful as an aphrodisiac. Those of us who have been so fortunate to taste the earthy, subtle, and slightly exotic notes of truffle may feel there’s more to the allure than simply a scent or a bit of protein. Like Napoleon, Europe’s great gastronome Jean-Anthelme Brillat-Savarin became one of truffles’ greatest proponents. On the subject, Savarin is quoted as saying: “Truffle. As soon as the word is spoken, it awakens lustful and erotic memories among the skirt-wearing sex and erotic and lustful memories among the beard-wearing sex. This honorable parallelism comes not only from the fact that this esteemed tuber is delicious, but also because it is still believed to bring about potency, the exercise of which brings sweet pleasure.” Read more about it…

Red wine

Probably you’ve heard that wine and chocolate are aphrodisiacs. Wine pairs with chocolate very well. So why is this? It’s been suggested that it’s because of the presence of amines. Amines are organic compounds that are present in very small amounts in wine. Plus, it’s a long established fact that people get horny when they drink. It’s just science. Red wine makes the ladies horny too, because it heightens blood flow to her erogenous zones, thereby increasing sensitivity and arousal, which is never a bad thing.

Red wine…


They’re also known to improve mood. In other shrimp nutrition facts, this crustacean also offers iron and zinc. Best of all, the protein in prawns breaks down in the body to the amino acid phenylalanine. And this very special amino is proven to increase levels of sex drive-boosting neurotransmitters in the brain.

Langoustine bisque
You can make shrimp or lobster bisque using the same recipe

Please let me know in comments below or shoot me a message, which one is your favorite! Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!!

With love,

Sweet Zivile

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