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Honey – Lemon Chicken

This is one of my favorite chefs Jamie Oliver inspired dish. He made pork ribs this way but however I had planned chicken to make that night. So I decided to make chicken that way and it turned out so delicious, like finger licking delicious! He used oregano, I used thyme. I think both would work, so use whatever you got in your fridge.

Za’atar Chicken Lollipops | Mediterranean Flavor

Delicious and show stopper looking recipe. It can be prepared a couple days before cooking and kept refrigerated. You can switch up spices to your favorite one, but I really love Za’atar flavor and it pairs very well with Lebanese tabouleh salad. I made a quick video for you how to make chicken lollipops from chicken drumsticks, but you can use chicken drumettes as well. Hope you’re gonna like it!