Super Bowl finger licking recipe collection by Zivile Come to our house.. virtually

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As many of you know, the Super Bowl, and football in general, is a big deal in our house. Because of the pandemic we are not able to host a party this year, but, I have got an idea! How about I share with all of you my favorite Super Bowl recipes. Pick ones you like, make, then go to my Facebook group or page and post what you made and how you like it, or you can just send me a message. I would be very pleased. For me it will feel like you were at my house and tried my dishes. How cool is that!?

Let’s start off with my favorite part, appetizers:

Then let’s get to the main dishes!

And finally, the dessert 🙂

If you made it till here, feels like you stayed to the end of my party. Hope your favorite team won!

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Love, Sweet Zivile ❤

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