Avocado-Bacon Rolls

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Avocado-Bacon rolls

Recipe by Sweet ZivileDifficulty: Easy

This is my lovely daughter’s favorite appetizer. She loves it with bacon, but if you are not a bacon fan or would like to make it vegetarian, just substitute bacon with sun dried tomatoes.

You can make it a few hours in advance and fry it just before serving. It’s the best served hot. If you want to reheat it next day, do it in an air fryer.


  • 9 Egg roll wrappers

  • 3 medium size avocados, ripe or medium ripe

  • 3 slices of bacon

  • A pinch of sea salt

  • A pinch of red chili flakes

  • 1 tbsp. of lime juice

  • For dipping sauce
  • 4 tbsp. of finely chopped cilantro

  • 6 tbsp. of white vinegar

  • 10 tbsp. of soy sauce

  • 4 tbsp. of flavorless oil (like grapeseed or canola)

  • 4 tbsp. of warm honey

Let’s make it

  • For the dipping sauce
  • Mix all the ingredients together and set it aside.
  • For rolls
  • Place bacon on a parchment paper lined baking tray and place it in the preheated to 375 F oven  for 17-22 min, until it’s crisp. Cool it down on paper towels and  chop it in a small pieces.
  • Slice avocado in half and remove the pit. Slice it cubes. I like to do it this way. I slice it with the knife inside the avocado and then just scoop it out with the spoon. Less mess.
  • Mix all the ingredients together trying not to smash avocado, so it would stay in cubes.
  • Take an egg roll wrapper and place a tablespoon of the mixture on the corner, brush edges with some water and wrap it slightly tight.
  • Preheat at least 1 inch of oil in a pan to 350 F.
  • Fry rolls from all sides until slightly brow. Keep in mind that after you take it out it will brown a little bit more.
  • Cut in half, serve with the dipping sauce and enjoy!

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