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Fried pickles

Recipe by Sweet ZivileDifficulty: Easy

I absolutely love pickles. I came from the country when growing up we didn’t have many side dishes and pickles was a big thing. Still.. pickles are my hero #1 in the side dish ranking. A few years ago my lovely husband introduced me to fried pickles. I can’t believe how much I was missing! Let me show you how I make it.
The best if you fry immediately after preparation, otherwise it might get soggy.


Let’s make it

  • Strain pickles and transfer to a zip lock bag. Do not need to add any spices. These pickles already has everything you need in them. They are sweet and sour, salty and spicy.
  • Put the flour on pickles. Close the bag tightly and shake well. Add some more flour if needed. Each piece has to be coated.
  • In a bowl beat the eggs lightly.
  • Place panko bread crumbs in a separate bowl.
  • Take pickle pieces from the bag and coat each dipping in egg mixture and then in bread crumbs.
  • Fry in a preheated to 350 F oil in a fryer of a deep pan with at least 1 inch of oil.
  • Serve with chipotle sauce and enjoy!

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