My book is finally here!

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On my website you can order book with my signature. Limited time only.

In this book you will find not only beautiful and delicious recipes, tips and tricks, along with several step-by-step time lines of how to host dinners and parties that will not soon be forgotten, if ever, but also tips how to be a lady, etiquette lessons and how to take care of the ones you love.

I have a disclaimer though; English is my 3rd language and from time to time some funny things come out of my mouth, so I shared some funny, food related stories as well.

I am a unique chef. Majority of cooks stick to their roots, but not me. I am Lithuanian, but almost never cook Lithuanian food. I take the best parts of cuisines from around the world, mix them up and it becomes Sweet Zivile Style!

BONUS: Detailed Time Frames for menus, so you don’t run like a chicken without the head and enjoy the party.

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