Tips Tuesday: My Favorite Amazon Home Finds

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Amazon is a great option to shop during the holiday season. You don’t have to waste time driving, sit in trafic and you can avoid viruses! Make a cup of tea or pour some nice glass of good wine (just one, let’s don’t get into drunk shopping haha) and let’s get shopping! Plus Black Friday Deals are just around the corner. Yay!
Here are my favorite Amazon finds I use around my house and I can highly recomend.

I love good coffe, but American life has made me get used to drip coffee in the morning. I love this coffe maker which is programable. I programe it a night before to start brewing 15 min before I plan to wake up. When I wake up, I open my bedroom door and house is full of smell of freshly brewed coffee. What could be better for a great start of the weekday?

During the day, my daughter Monika and I we love to sit down and have a good big cup of latte. Ths is the coffee maker I use and this is my favorite coffee, my dear fried Kathy suggested me. Did you know, that this coffe is the strongest coffee ever?!?

Then I go workout to a Bar Method and these are my favorite workout items:

Ewedoos Fleece Lined Leggings with Pockets for Women – Thermal Warm Workout Winter Leggings for Women Yoga Pants for Women. I go to Bar Method and these are very comfortable.

Ozaiic Yoga Socks. It has a beautiful pouch to cary after the workout. You can choose from 10 patterns and colors.

When I get home I turn on my towel warmer and jump in the shower. I absolutely adore this towel warmer. It warms up towels in 5-10 minutes and it’s just divine to to wrap around yourself in warm towel after shower on chilly morning. It keeps warm towels up to 45 minutes.

In the evening if we entertain guest, this wine chiller is a life saver when you don’t have a wine refrigerator. It chills wine bottle just in 3 minutes!

When it’s time for dinner, this garlic tress is so clever! It doesn’t smash, but like cuts in small pieces instantly. Easy to use and it’s very sturdy.

Cast iron skilet is a must to have in any kitchen. You can’t get better char in the skillet then in cast iron skillet. Have in all sizes, you never know what size you gonna need. If you take good care of it, it will last you a life time.

When it comes to rest, comfortable bed is like resort. Comfortable cozy sheets, best pillows, blankets and duvet make all the difference. This banket is easy to wash, just pop in the washing mashine on cold or warm – cold temperature, add extra rinse and it comes out like new. All fluffy and bright. We have a dog and we use it as a bed cover so dog could lay down sometimes on the bed. I wash it very often, once or twice a week. Had it for a year. Looks like new!

Using silk pillow cases keeps your hair healthy and shiny.

These Pillows and duvet sets are all you need for your main, kids or guest bedroom.

When you use dryer, use these wool balls. They fluff up clothes and bed sheets without any chemicals and don’t let your clothes to spin in the dryer just smushed in one corner.

Taking a bath? Take this bath cady and use to place your candle, book or glass of wine.

Stove top and microwave safe glass tea pot. It comes with 2 bags of blooming tea. For your relaxing and delicious tea breaks.

Clean house is essential to me. When you have a dog, shed and dirt happens. This steam cleaner was a game changer for me. It not only perfectly cleans floor that you can wear white sock in the house and they stay white!, but also works on stove, windows, tile grout and many other household items. It cuts grime imediatley. Must have in every home.

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