This is one of our favorite, most loved appetizers ever. If you have never tried escargot, it has pretty unique, pleasant buttery, earthy flavor, texture reminds mushrooms. Usually in France it’s served with European quality butter, garlic, fresh (of course flat leave) parsley and French baguette. I like to add some freshly grated parmesan for extra umami flavor.

Za’atar Chicken Lollipops | Mediterranean Flavor

Delicious and show stopper looking recipe. It can be prepared a couple days before cooking and kept refrigerated. You can switch up spices to your favorite one, but I really love Za’atar flavor and it pairs very well with Lebanese tabouleh salad. I made a quick video for you how to make chicken lollipops from chicken drumsticks, but you can use chicken drumettes as well. Hope you’re gonna like it!