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Hey there, fellow foodies! Today, we’re talking about the perfect party starter: oyster shooters. If you love fresh oysters and Bloody Marry, this might be your drink. These little guys are the life of the party, guaranteed to get your taste buds tingling and your guests buzzing.

First things first, let’s talk about what an oyster shooter is. It’s a shot of alcohol (usually vodka or tequila) that’s mixed with a fresh oyster and some delicious seasonings. It’s a perfect combination of salty, briny, and boozy. It’s like a party in your mouth – and everyone’s invited!

Now, let’s talk about how to make the perfect oyster shooter. Start by shucking your oysters (if you don’t know how to do that, don’t worry – I have a tutorial on YouTube). Once you’ve got your oysters ready, pour a shot of your favorite liquor into a shot glass. Then, drop the oyster into the glass and add your seasonings. Some people like to use hot sauce, some like to use Worcestershire sauce, and some like to use a combination of both. I personally like to add a little bit of red onion, cilantro and a pinch of black pepper (or use Black Pepper Flavored Vodka) to give it an extra kick.

Now, here’s where things get fun. Instead of just handing your guests a shot glass with an oyster in it, why not add a little bit of pizzazz? You can serve your oyster shooters in shot glasses that are shaped like mini beer mugs, or you can put them on a bed of ice to keep them cool. You can even garnish them with a little sprig of dill, or onion and cilantro or a tiny cocktail umbrella to make them look extra fancy. We like fancy, don’t we?

And if you really want to go all out, why not create a DIY oyster shooter bar? Set up a table with different types of liquor, oysters, and seasonings, and let your guests mix and match to create their own custom shooters. It’s a fun way to get everyone involved and it adds a little bit of excitement to your party.

I used Black Pepper Flavored Vodka, but you can use neutral one. I added a fresh grated horseradish, but if you have trougle getting it, use 1/5 tsp of prepared horseradish from the jar or skip it all together.

Let’s get down to business

Oyster Shooter

Recipe by Zivile


Prep time




  • 1 fresh oyster

  • 1 shot of Black Pepper Flavored Vodka

  • 1/2 shot of Hot and Spicy Tomato juice like V8

  • A pinch of finely chopped red onion

  • A pinch of fresh cilantro, chopped

  • A pinck of freshly grated horseradish root

  • A wedge of lime

  • A pinch of black lava salt

Let’s make it

  • Rim the shot glass with lime wedge and dip into black lava salt, just one spot.
  • Shuck the oyster and place it in a shot glass.
  • Pour a shot of vodka.
  • Add onion and cilantro.
  • Pour tomato juice and grate some horseradish in.
  • Enjoy!

Recipe Video

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