Kiss.. Guys are like puppies LOL

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Kiss is the most important part of relationship. When you meet someone and you have the 1st kiss, usually you can tell right away if that’s the one. But if there were no sparkles, oh well.. next. Sometimes it takes to kiss a pond of frogs before you find the right one. But it is worth it. Don’t settle if there is nothing there. 

It has to show passion, desire, and intimacy. You can feel the chemistry.

Kiss your guy every minute you can. Kissing is so important to keep a great bond between the partners and shows how much you care. Kiss the moment you open your eyes in the morning; kiss to say thank you when you get your cup of coffee; and definitely kiss when one of you leaves the house. You never know when it is the last time you do so. Give your biggest kiss when he gets home. After a great kiss in the morning he will be looking forward to it all day. Kiss goodnight and kiss his shoulder at night when he sleeps. You might think he won’t remember, but believe me, he will.

Kiss, share your warm smile, and kiss again. It takes so little to make someone feel great and it bounces back to you. Win – win situation!

Guys are like puppies, they like to get a treat when they behave 😉  

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